My Own Senior Session Experience

Twelve years ago I started a journey that will end this June, walking with my oldest from 1st to 12th grade. There have been eye problems we’ve solved with glasses, reading issues we’ve discovered were dyslexia, and tears—lots of tears. But there has also been the joy of overcoming learning difficulties, soccer on Saturdays (and every other day), and laughter—lots of laughter.

And in the midst of this journey I began my photography business. For the past 5 years have been photographing graduating seniors, along with children and families.

When it came to my own son’s photo session I considered hiring someone else. I’ve used him in the past to test lighting or poses and let’s just say it didn’t always end well. But, I really wanted to do this session with him and he not only agreed, but did so willingly.

I had decided on a location a few months before. Not an extremely beautiful spot but it had lots of neutral colors, a creek, and an overpass with graffiti. I also knew exactly what I wanted from the shoot – the many faces of his personality!

There were a few tense moments—mostly involving his new, extremely clean shoes.

The word photography is derived from Greek and means “drawing with light.” And right before we left I saw this lovely swath of light I could “draw” with.

Congratulations on all your hard work, son. Love you to the moon and back.

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