Preparing for your photoshoot


Make an appointment to plan your shoot

  • We'll pick out a venue for your photo shoot. Do you like walks in the woods? Do you like picnics in gardens? Are you a history buff or do you have a favorite spot you just love? These are all things that will help me in picking out the perfect backdrop for your photos. And, I will make sure we have the appropriate permits for our location.

  • Start dreaming of the beautiful art pieces you would like  by looking at my products.

The Photo Session


  • Dress nicely, but comfortably (especially little ones). Think about possible poses and how your outfit will look. Will your shorts hike up too much when you sit? Will your pristine white outfit get dirty when you sit on the grass next to a field of wildflowers?


  • For group shots, plan your outfits to blend with one another.  Decide how casual or dressy and everyone fit into that category. Usually, large prints will distract from a photo, but if you really want to wear a big print, make sure the colors are subtle or monotone. No t-shirts with distracting pictures or words–I want to bring attention to your beautiful/handsome face!


  • Girls, make sure your nail polish is fresh–especially for the ring shots of seniors.


  • Feel free to bring props for your children, graduate or engagement photos. At two, my youngest refused to give up her doll during a photo shoot–the doll has been missing for years now and that photo has become a favorite memory.


  • Ladies, wear your make-up as you would normally wear it.


  • If you have younger children, bring something to do while I’m taking individual shots. Playing Frisbee in between shots will bring out rosy-cheeked smiles instead of grumpy faces!


  • Have fun! The photo shoot itself can become a favorite memory for your family.

After the Session

  • We'll meet so I can show you your images. We can decide at that time which art pieces you will order. 

Delivery of Products

  • I will bring your products to you and help you hang them.                                     571.425.2888                                        Manassas, VA/Northern VA                             

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